Employers have the option of choosing all or only some of the services below as well as a pricing model that is suitable for their organization.

Professional Line Service (Telephonic support and information)

We provide a telephonic support line that operates 24-7-365. Telephonic support with respect to wide range of psychosocial issues.

Face to face counselling

Face to face counselling can be done for employees. Counselling is done by registered health professionals (HPCSA/SACSSP) who are trained in brief solution focused therapy. We have access to an extensive database of private and public resources when referral is needed for employees with conditions outside the scope of an EAP.

Mandatory referral

A formal referrel by a manager to the EAP may occur when there is significant decrease in the job performance in key performance areas with employees who have had a good performance record as a result of any psychosocial issues, inappropriate conduct in the workplace by an employee as a result of psychosocial issues, high absenteeism rates by employees as a result of personal challenges or employees with a substance abuse problem.

By utilizing this service, employers are able to retain skilled staff, ensure that corrective measures through professional counselling and guidance are available and in place for the employee to correct their behaviour before dismissal is considered.

Trauma management

A trauma counsellor sent to the workplace after a critical incident at the workplace (eg robbery, suicide.accident at work etc.). The aim is to assist employees to cope with traumatic events effectively and keep employees functioning and return to work faster.

HIV management of employees

Voluntary Counselling And Testing (VCT) of the workforce is done as part of the wellness day or as a one day event dedicated to HIV/AIDS awareness.
HIV awareness, education and information for staff is provided.Staff is informed of ways of preventing spread of the disease and information regarding mode of transmission of the disease and guidance to modify risk behaviour is also provided to the workforce.Telephonic and face to face counselling for employees infected and affected is offered.Staff is provided with access to condoms.Referral is made to the ARV clinics for those infected with HIV for chronic medication.

Wellness days

Health risk assessment of the workforce is done on wellness days The BP, HGT, CHOLESTEROL, WEIGHT, BMI, VCT of the workforce is measured. We engage with employees to modify risk behaviour and lead a healthier lifestyle. The emphasis is on preventive care and is designed for early detection of chronic illnesses. It allows for employers to manage the health risks of their employees. Employers may also request flu vaccinations, dieticians advising on healthy eating habits and a biokineticist advising on exercise programmes.

Workshops and staff education

Educational presentations and workshops is offered to staff. Topics are chosen as a result of trends and identified challenges noticed within the organization. Workshoprs include but is not limited to the following ie.stress management, substance abuse,mental and behavioural disorders, HIV education, chronic diseases, financial management, parenting skills and interpersonal conflict resolution.

Wellness talks can be held throughout the year to educate employees on health and wellness issues which is aligned with the “South African Health Awareness Calendar” eg cancer awareness.HIV,TB etc.

Training for supervisors

Training sessions for supervisors are designed to give them the skills to identify and deal with unproductive and troubled staff, early recognition of deteriorating job performance and how to refer employees to the employee assistance programme.

Monitoring and reporting

Reporting of the employee assistance programme implemented at the client is done. Reports include the following information ie.statistical and data analysis, trends and interpretation of trends, evaluation using local and international benchmarking techniques and recommendations is made to the employer.

Absenteeism and incapacity management

Absenteeism-Evaluation of absenteeism patterns and reasons for absenteeism within the workforce is identified. Early identification of staff at risk for long term absence due to incapacity/disability is made and management is assisted with proactive and intervention strategies to decrease absenteeism. Staff with high absenteeism rates as a result of psychosocial issues is referred to the employee assistance programme for face to face counselling before the matter proceeds to corrective discipline.

Incapacity-We facilitate treating doctors reports, specialist reports, functional capacity evaluation, supporting documentation (special investigations etc.) of employees that are experiencing incapacity due to ill health. We also facilitate reports with recommendations with respect to return to work after prolonged absence due to illness or injury, reasonable accommodation, alternative placement, temporary or permanent incapacity.

Executive health medicals

Proactive management of executive health risks through a structured executive wellness programme is provided. Executives identified as having a chronic disease and those that are at risk of developing a chronic disease of lifestyle will be placed on health management programme ensuring they receive medical advice, follow up,treatment and support.

Online support

We have an online employee programme that allows employees to access to medical and health related information. The programme includes an integrated suite of e-mail and web based health management applications.